Two Tampons & Sanitary Towels

Women can take comfort knowing that when away from home – and the nearby chemist, if nature calls there is no need to worry.

Indigestion Tablets

Heartburn and indigestion are all too common complaints. So having access to fast relief in your hotel room is key to a speedy recovery. Rennie peppermint tablets contain the antacids known to help reduce an uncomfortable stomach.


A cut here, a graze there. We hope not. But easy access to plasters, for the tiniest of accidents, shows guests how much you care.

Nail File

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Antibac Handwipe

Use anytime to rapidly disinfect hands without the need for soap and water..

Alka Seltzer

This already famous fizzy fast-acting remedy alleviates stress, headaches and hangovers, helping guests recover from over indulgence. Sodium bicarbonate works its magic and improves the way you feel.